After two faithful years, my Samsung Galaxy Ace is nearly dead, and my provider told me it was time for me to pick out a new phone if I wanted ;w; I choose the iphone 4, and omfgbqq, you don’t wanna know how long I’ve wanted an iphone for myself ≥v≤ I’m so excited! <3 If only for those cute covers I see on Japanese sites everywhere! I decided I wanted a Nyanko-sensei cover, cause Nyanko is not only adorable, I also kinda see him as the most fannerdish casual you can get, without people going all like “OH HEY you like pokemon my kids love cartoons too!”

But I’ve taken a quick check at HobbySearch, and gosh, there are four of them…! ;A; And I can’t choose! I love all of them?! owo;; I’m kinda leaning to number 2, but this is hard orz||| I also like the green one, cause green is my fav color, but hnnngg ><;; Which one would you choose?

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